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Hands on electrical installations perform fitting, mounting, laying cables on residential and commercial, new and existing buildings.
Service panel upgrades/replacement.
Installing boxes in unfinished and finished spaces.
Stripping, joining and connecting wires to boxes.
Running cable in unfinished, finished and along baseboards.
Running cable for ceiling fixtures in attics and floors.
Working with flexible metallic conduit.
Working with liquidtight flexible metallic conduit.
Cutting, banding, connecting and assembling conduit.
Installing track lighting, recessed ceiling lighting, under-cabinet lighting
Installing ceiling fans.
Installing special switches, GFCI/AFCI receptacles and devices, breakers and outdoor receptacles.
Installing telephone, cable TV and network cables.
Installing doorbells intercom, video intercom systems.
Adding wall sconces, surface-mounted wiring, bathroom exhaust fans, lights house and attic fans.
Adding 240 Volt receptacles.
Wiring ceiling fixtures with switches.
Wiring three-ways, four-ways switches, power to switch and power to fixture.
Electrical power supplies for lights, plugs, receptacles, panels, and fuse boxes.                                                                                                 Transformers, power lines and conduit layout bending and mounting.      Parking lighting, lamps, switches, posts and underground installations.